Friday, 22 June 2012

Ayurvedic Medicine for Hernia

If you are suffering from hernia and want to avoid operations please try this treatment. 

1. Take these three ayurvedic medicines at any ayurvedic pharmacy store

 Trikatu churna 25 gm
 Praval pisti 10 gm
 Godanti bhasma 10 gm

Mix them well and divide the mixture into 60 parts and make 60 pouch of equals quantity take 1 pouch twice daily with honey in empty stomach.

2. Take Sarvakalpa kwath 300 gm and boil 1 teaspoonful in 1 cup of water for 10 minutes and take it twice daily in empty stomach.

 3. Take 2-2 tablets twice daily of following medicines after meals with warm water

Vardhibadhika bati     tab
Kanchnar gugule


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  5. Does it helps to cure Inguinal hernia ??

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  11. The treatment for a hernia is surgery: an operation to repair (fix) the hernia. But, every hernia does not require an operation. For some hernias, only observation – wait and watch – is sufficient.

    Not all hernias need to be operated. The decision about whether or not to operate requires careful consideration of several factors: What is the type of hernia? What is the size? Is it reducible or irreducible? How is your general health? In some cases, the decision is fairly straightforward. In others, a detailed and thoughtful discussion is necessary.

    Hernia Treatment in Bangalore

    Hernia surgery can be done either by laparoscopy (keyhole surgery) or by open surgery (a long cut). Laparoscopy is preferable to open surgery in most cases. But, in some cases open surgery may be better. A synthetic patch called a mesh is used to reinforce the muscles of your abdominal (tummy wall) in most hernia repair operations. You could think of a mesh as a specially designed fishing net. The mesh remains in your body permanently. It works like scaffolding so that scar tissue can grow into the mesh and strengthen the area. There are different types of meshes and different ways of fixing the meshes to the muscles of the abdominal wall. There are pros and cons for various techniques, and a thoughtful choice needs to be made. Dr Manas Tripathy does both laparoscopic and open hernia surgery, and he will explain the choice that may be best for you.